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June 28, 2006



I bought these at the Nintendo World store a couple of weeks ago with that exact same purpose in mind.

The mints absolutely suck, but the lid comes completely off and closes very nicely. It will hold at least 12 DS games, about 3 rows of four. Maybe more.

I also bought a blue can of Mario Power-Up energy drink. It's a bright blue can with Mario holding a mushroom on a can about the size of most other energy drinks. I'm not bold enough to try it, plus it looks too cool to open. Maybe in a night of druken Tetris rage...


They shoulda called them Mintendos.


Hmm, Looks like you can fit a certain kind of rizla in there...I'm sold.


Haha, nice find! Love your blog, especially that fabulous Alice banner!!! Posted about Wonderland to ThisNext!


You beat me to it D_J, best stash tin I've ever seen. Sold!

Chef Booyadee

How long do you think it will be before somebody hacks the tin into a working NES controller, just because?


I got this about a year ago and now I use the empty tin to carry conte and charcoal sticks!


i bought this out of sheer awesomness for like 5$ cdn!

the mints are basic ass mints

nothing that should be called nintendo power mints

p.s. its the best stash tin in the whole world!

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